Deliver Industry Leading Facial
Technology to your customers


Our cutting-edge technology can be used in two significant ways: enabling new customers to sign up faster to online banking services, by verifying that they are the person they say they are (facial verification) as well as allowing existing users to log into mobile banking applications by matching their face to an existing database of faces (facial recognition).



Our fast, proprietary face recognition algorithms can help government bodies in identifying and matching faces as a means of access control to government facilities, securing borders at airports and as a result, helping to identify and track potential terror/criminal suspects and potentially reduce criminal activity.



Our aim is to democratize automatic face analysis. For example, our API provides affordable solutions to professionals that want to organize their photos/videos according to the depicted identities (e.g., photographers, media & entertainment technology). In the near future our API will include advanced emotion recognition and 3D avatar construction.



Our face analysis technology can provide solutions to medical applications (e.g., securing medical records, behavior analysis in clinical settings, etc.).


Gaming & Virtual Reality

We are developing an API for automatic 3D avatar creation from single image or video. The avatars are accompanied with real-time tracking and photorealistic texture synthesis algorithms.


Working in Collaboration with our Partners